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Infinite possibilities.

Now you can build new solutions without all the coding. XConnect lets you build, test, and deliver eligibility, claims, and payment transactions through our gateway. Just request a token and you’re ready to tap into a network that scales. Big.

  1. Easy plug-and-play APIs
  2. One partner for every step in the payments ecosystem
  3. Minimize risk through our industry and regulatory expertise

How it works.

Optimized for faster time to market.

The powerful yet easy-to-implement APIs housed within XConnect make it easy to create new products—and speed time to market. Coding is eliminated. Risk is downgraded. Building, testing, and delivering eligibility, claims, and payment
transactions are accelerated. Best of all? Our network was built to scale.
Fast, easy access to benefits information.
Give your users the ability to view patient benefits across hundreds of payers. Simply include the payer, provider, and patient information through our API and receive a 271 response—instantly. They’ll get fast access to details like deductibles, exclusions, copayments, limitations, and more.
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Fast claim validation
and submission.
Leverage DentalXChange’s connectivity with hundreds of payers to easily, efficiently, and accurately validate and submit claims. Submission via our API eliminates the need to view or access claims through ClaimConnect. With XConnect Claims, your users achieve a nearly perfect clean claim rate of 98.22%.
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View and add attachments to claims.
Give your users the convenience of easily adding required attachments with their claims. It’s all made possible with XConnect Attachments. Our API can be used to view and add any electronic attachments and images, including narratives. And helpful prompts ensure accuracy and completeness.
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At-a-glance claim status. End-to-end visibility.
With XConnect Claim Status you can give your users end-to-end visibility of their claim status. And it’s all in real time. Additional available insights include attachment status and warnings if claims are incomplete. They can even see when a payment was sent, and view details like check number and amount.
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One seamless process for payments.
XConnect Payments empowers partners to manage and streamline the patient payment process by leveraging our Merchant Services PayConnect. Partners can easily collect payments via several methods (including debit and credit cards, ApplePay, payment plans, and WiFi-enabled and touchscreen terminals)—and better manage their merchant account. Transaction voids, refunds, and signatures can also be accomplished with ease and efficiency.
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Key Features

Expert support staff
Plus, no setup fees, hidden fees, or monthly fees.
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Secure and Compliant
Our solutions are always completely secure and HIPAA-compliant.
Easy Plug-and-play
APIs built to speed your time to market.
Ready to accelerate time to market?
Ready to accelerate time to market?