Credentialing for Providers

Introducing CredentialConnect, for effortless credentialing.

A better way to manage your plans.
More payers, more patients, and less headache.

Simplify the entire credentialing and recredentialing process all in one place with DentalXChange. Set up your account, submit to multiple payers at once, and track everything. With automated recredentialing alerts and guided form completion, you're always on top of renewals and compliance, leading to faster approval times. Gain back valuable hours and enhance your practice's efficiency with a smarter approach to credentialing.

DentalXChange simplifies the process ensuring all providers are credentialed.

  1. Receive approvals weeks and months faster by submitting a clean application the first time
  2. Turn credentialing into a few clicks instead of hours of paperwork and phone calls
  1. Eliminate stamps, phone calls, and get paid faster by going in-network
  2. Reliable and trusted client support team
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