Instant verification. Instant gratification.

Check eligibility on the fly and know your patients’ coverage—with instant access to 950+ in-network payers. You don't have to pick up the phone or rely on multiple sources. Benefit information across hundreds of payers is available in one invaluable place.

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    Eliminate worry or uncertainty around patient coverage
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    Save time and stress with a single source of truth
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    See everything you need at a glance
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    Get a consistent experience for every payer

How it works.

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patient information
And just like that, you get instant access to comprehensive eligibility information like plan benefits, deductible, co-insurance, limitations, and more.

Eligibility in real time. Really.

Key Features

One Centralized Dashboard
One easy-to-use dashboard provides eligibility information in real time across all payers. Payers can even customize how benefits are displayed.
Standardized File Format
EligibilityConnect utilizes HIPAA, EDI 270/271 to keep things streamlined. Everything is standardized in X12 formatting.
Integrated with Practice Management Software
Minimize clicks and data entry. EligibilityConnect integrates right into your existing practice management software.
Secure and Compliant
Why add stress or worry? Our safe, secure, smart system is also always HIPAA-compliant.

Save 10 Minutes

per transaction
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Our products are better together

Each product is powerful alone but they’re even better when used together.
Submit claims correctly. The first time.
Say goodbye to mundane manual tasks, cut administrative costs, and improve payment turnaround times. With ClaimConnect, you'll submit claims correctly the first time. Every time. And with complete visibility into the entire claims workflow, you'll always know where things stand.
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Stay connected. Including attachments.
Tired of tedious paperwork? Seamlessly convert attachments into your existing digital workflow. Lost, damaged, or incomplete claims become a thing of the past—thanks to easy digital uploads and prompts to ensure accuracy and completeness.
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End-to-end visibility. Instant claim status.
Forget about waiting for payer communication. Get end-to-end visibility and instantly view the status of your claims all in one place—without ever picking up the phone. Just one click lets you track status at a glance and see when a payment was sent—including details like check number and amount.
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Automated ERA workload. Accelerated revenue cycle.
Accelerate your revenue cycle by automating your ERA workload. Get your reconciled ERA the minute it's available. And get it all in one place and one easy-to-understand format.
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Collect more doing less
Seeking a seamless process for payments? DentalXChange is your ideal partner. We offer a comprehensive suite of financial services that create greater efficiencies in collecting patient payments. Accept debit or credit cards, ApplePay, and payment plans. And choose from a variety of modern terminals that are WiFi-enabled with touchscreen capabilities so you can collect patient payments with ease.
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Ready to make eligibility easier?
Ready to make eligibility easier?