CredentialConnect™ FOR PROVIDERS

Effortless credentialing.

Apply to multiple payers at once and experience a faster path to approval. Forget juggling countless applications, mailing in paper forms or worrying if the correct information was included. We’ll ensure your submissions are complete from the start.

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    Increase credentialing and re-credentialing approvals
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    Track the status of applications in real-time
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    Stay in-network with re-credentialing alerts

How it works.

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and send
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and approves

Say hello to modern credentialing.

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Join payer networks with ease.
Apply to multiple payers at once and experience a faster path to approval. Forget juggling countless applications, mailing in paper forms or worrying if the correct information was included. We’ll ensure your submissions are complete from the start.
Always stay up to date.
No more out-of-network claims denials or chasing down forms. With application tracking and re-credentialing alerts, you'll always be ahead of every deadline. More payers, more patients, and less headache. A simplified process ensuring all providers are credentialed.
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Get approved fast.
CredentialConnect is designed for quick application submission. In fact, most practices submit their first application within thirty minutes. Safely store your documents so they’re ready when needed. Plus, receive approvals faster than ever before by submitting clean applications the first time. Eliminate hours of back and forth with payers and get back to what you do best—providing exceptional dental care.
Ready to simplify credentialing
Start streamlining your payment process.

Key Features

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Multi-Payer Submission
Apply to several payers simultaneously with a single submission.
Icon representing electronic signatures functionality
Electronic Signatures
Skip extra steps in the process. Maximize productivity.
Icon representing Automated Alerts function
Automated Alerts for Recredentialing
Know when renewals are up—or when documents are expiring.
Icon representing digital document delivery
Direct Document Delivery
No need to spend time or money to copy, print, and mail.
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Payer Message Center
Efficiently communicate with payers.

Our products are better together

Each product is powerful alone but they’re even better when used together.
Stay connected. Including attachments.
Tired of tedious paperwork? Seamlessly convert attachments into your existing digital workflow. Lost, damaged, or incomplete claims become a thing of the past—thanks to easy digital uploads and prompts to ensure accuracy and completeness.
Learn more about AttachmentConnect >
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Take the paper out of your work.
Reduce overhead in patient billing and free your staff to take on revenue-generating tasks. Now you can securely send statements right to your patients’ inbox—and make it easy for them to pay with a few clicks. Still need to go the paper route? Just upload your statements, and we’ll print and mail them for you.
Learn more about BillConnect >
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Submit claims correctly. The first time.
Say goodbye to mundane manual tasks, cut administrative costs, and improve payment turnaround times. With ClaimConnect, you'll submit claims correctly the first time. Every time. And with complete visibility into the entire claims workflow, you'll always know where things stand.
Learn more about ClaimConnect >
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Automated ERA workload. Accelerated revenue cycle.
Accelerate your revenue cycle by automating your ERA workload. Get your reconciled ERA the minute it's available. And get it all in one place and one easy-to-understand format.
Learn more about ERAConnect >
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Instant verification.
Instant gratification.
Check eligibility on the fly and know your patients’ coverage—with instant access to 950+ in-network payers. You don't have to pick up the phone or rely on multiple sources. Benefit information across hundreds of payers is available in one invaluable place.
Learn more about EligibilityConnect >
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Collect more doing less
Seeking a seamless process for payments? DentalXChange is your ideal partner. We offer a comprehensive suite of financial services that create greater efficiencies in collecting patient payments. Accept debit or credit cards, ApplePay, and payment plans. And choose from a variety of modern terminals that are WiFi-enabled with touchscreen capabilities so you can collect patient payments with ease.
Learn more about PayConnect >
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End-to-end visibility. Instant claim status.
Forget about waiting for payer communication. Get end-to-end visibility and instantly view the status of your claims all in one place—without ever picking up the phone. Just one click lets you track status at a glance and see when a payment was sent—including details like check number and amount.
Learn more about StatusConnect >
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Dental Billing services
More time for patients.
Less time on admin tasks.
Everyone could use a little extra help. It’s time to relieve your team from manual administrative tasks. With DentalXChange’s Dental Billing Services, you’ll partner with our expertly trained staff enabling your team to streamline processes and spend more time on patient care.
Learn more about Dental Billing Services >
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Eligibility AI
Automated verifications.
Intelligent eligibility.
Everyone does benefit verifications differently. But no matter your current process, there’s now a better way.  Sync your calendar and watch as AI automatically gathers benefit details from payer sites and funnels into one dashboard. Patient benefits ready when they walk in the door. Why would you do eligibility any other way?
Learn more about Eligibility AI >
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