Dental Billing Services

More time for patients.
Less time on admin tasks.

Everyone could use a little extra help. It’s time to relieve your team from manual administrative tasks. With DentalXChange’s Dental Billing Services, you’ll partner with our expertly trained staff enabling your team to streamline processes and spend more time on patient care.

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    Reduce manual tasks
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    Lower administrative costs
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    Get more time to focus on what matters most—your patients
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Focus on what you do best and delegate the rest.

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An extra set of hands—without the extra overhead.

Our Dental Billing Services provide expertly trained administrative staff without the hassle of additional overhead. Our billing experts handle everyday dental practice tasks like claim follow-ups and submissions, posting payments, benefit verification, and benefit data entry.
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The game-changing benefits of staying ahead of always-changing benefits.

Most insurance plans change every year. Dental Billing Services track these changes, ensuring your office always has the most up-to-date patient insurance information. No more managing outdated spreadsheets. Multi-layer quality assurance is automated within DentalXChange so you can effortlessly provide accurate billing estimates before the patient even walks through the door.
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Payment Posting. Made easy.
EFT and Paper checks are posted daily to patient ledgers accurately with all necessary adjustments and write-offs. EOBs are saved and denials are investigated and resolved, including appeals when necessary. 
Faster Claim Submissions.
Pre-Authorizations, Primary and Secondary claims are submitted electronically with all necessary attachments and narratives for faster claim processing.  
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Increase Revenue by Outsourcing all Your Insurance Needs.
Insurance claims are tracked and followed up on at 30, 60 and 90 days to ensure all claims are researched and resolved quickly resulting in maximum insurance benefit for your patients.
Hassle-free benefit verifications.
Comprehensive and up-to-date benefit information entered directly into your Practice Management Software reduces your staff workload and increases revenue and patient satisfaction. 
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Ready for supplemental support
Start streamlining your payment process.