Collect more doing less.

Seeking a seamless process for payments? With PayConnect you've got a comprehensive suite of financial services that create greater efficiencies in collecting patient payments. Accept debit or credit cards, ApplePay, and payment plans. And choose from a variety of modern terminals so you can collect patient payments with ease.

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    Boost collections with interconnected transactions
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    Create efficiencies managing your merchant account
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    Give patients flexible payment options
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    Check a patient's propensity to pay instantly

How it works.

Give your patients 4 easy ways to pay.
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Credit & debit Card Payments
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ONLINE Payments
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Multiple payment options.
One seamless payment process.

Key Features

Text is preferred over email by most patients (and people) today. Text-to-Pay is the way. When a statement is ready, it's sent right away—via text, not email. Even better, it's just as easy to pay. Just click the link, and it's done.
Zero Rate
Pay no mind, time, or money to credit card processing fees. They’re automatically passed along to cardholders.*
*This feature is location-dependent.
Next-day Funding
Say goodbye to funding holds and gain access to your hard-earned money the very next morning.
Easy Onboarding for Merchant Account
Go live faster with streamlined digital onboarding and automated merchant account underwriting.
No Monthly Minimums
Who needs added pressure in our business? Wave goodbye to monthly minimum payments.
No Setup Fees
Setup is even easier and more-hassle free when you eliminate fees. So we did.
Provider Dashboard
One centralized dashboard delivers a holistic view of all payments—including recent patient payment activity.
Dispute Manager
Use the Dispute Manager feature to resolve a dispute in the shortest possible time, with minimum effort. Additional fees can apply.
Safe and Secure
Trust is vital. PayConnect is always fully safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. There’s even a Level 1 PCI-compliant online payment option.
Recurring Payments
Configure and manage recurring payments with ease, setting up patients with a payment plan to automatically draw payments from the patient’s account.

Save 11%

in processing fees
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What our clients are saying...

Our products are better together

Each product is powerful alone but they’re even better when used together.
Submit claims correctly. The first time.
Say goodbye to mundane manual tasks, cut administrative costs, and improve payment turnaround times. With ClaimConnect, you'll submit claims correctly the first time. Every time. And with complete visibility into the entire claims workflow, you'll always know where things stand.
Learn more about ClaimConnect >
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Take the paper out of your work.
Reduce overhead in patient billing and free your staff to take on revenue-generating tasks. Now you can securely send statements right to your patients’ inbox—and make it easy for them to pay with a few clicks. Still need to go the paper route? Just upload your statements, and we’ll print and mail them for you.
Learn more about BillConnect >
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Automated ERA workload. Accelerated revenue cycle.
Accelerate your revenue cycle by automating your ERA workload. Get your reconciled ERA the minute it's available. And get it all in one place and one easy-to-understand format.
Learn more about ERAConnect >
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Complete, manage, and track applications.
It's never been easier to complete, manage, and track applications. Eliminate paper forms, automate Primary Source Verifications (PSVs), and streamline re-credentialing notifications. With a process this easy, there's zero need for expensive third-party agencies.
Learn more about CredentialConnect >
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Ready to accelerate your payment collection?
Ready to accelerate your payment collection?