Easy account management. Fast payment collection.

Manage your merchant account, collect payments with ease, and connect patients to recurring online payments with PaymentsXChange.

Manage your merchant account and collect payments with ease. From debit and credit card processing to POS and more, we’ve got you covered. Ready to go paperless? Easily connect patients to recurring online payments—and issue e-statements and email receipts with just a few clicks.

Less work. Faster payment collection.

Our powerful platforms features smart solutions that can help you accelerate and elevate your practice. When our Payment products are paired together, things can really take off.
Reduce overhead in patient billing and free your staff to take on revenue-generating tasks.
Now you an securely send statements right to your patients’ inbox—and make it easy for them to pay in just a few clicks. Still need to go the paper route? Just upload your statements, and we’ll print and mail them for you.
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Seeking a seamless process and terminal options to collect patient payments?
DentalXChange is your ideal partner. We offer a comprehensive suite of financial services that create greater efficiencies in collecting payments. Provide real options, including debit or credit cards, ApplePay, recurring payments, WiFi, and touchscreen capabilities.
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Help your providers complete faster and easier transactions with our advanced API Gateway.
XConnect lets our partners leverage our network’s advanced connectivity with hundreds of payers. Simplify and manage the claims, payments, and eligibility transactions—and build and test transactions against XConnect. From reviewing benefits through claim validation to getting providers paid faster, XConnect expertly supports every step in the dental payments ecosystem.
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Ready to speed up your payments?
Ready to speed up your payments?

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Maximize the power of the DentalXChange platform by bringing together more products purpose-built to streamline your business and simplify your workload.
Errors go down.
Payments speed up.
Process dental insurance claims, send attachments, and check claim status on the fly. One platform does it all. You can even integrate ClaimsXChange into your practice management software. Watch your wasted time and costly errors go down while your payments speed up.
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Greater connectivity.
Faster approvals.
It matters who you know. The deep connectivity between payers and providers in our robust network delivers real results—real fast. Instantly check eligibility, get credentialed quicker, and do more with NetworkXChange.
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