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EDI-Health Group, Inc. DentalXChange
17701 Cowan, Suite 250
Irvine, CA 92614

Phone: (800) 576-6412
Fax: (800) 866-0006

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday

Customer Support: 6am - 5pm PT

Credentialing Support: 7am - 5pm PT

PayConnect Support: 7am - 5pm PT

(800) 576-6412

Existing DentalXChange Services Support:

Ext. 452

DDS Enroll Credentialing Support:

Ext. 471

New Accounts & DentalXChange Services:

Ext. 455

PayConnect Merchant Services Support:

Ext. 472

DentalXChange Account & Services Billing:

Ext. 456

Payer, Vendor & Reseller Partnering:

Ext. 459

EHG Fund Inquiries & Donations:

Ext. 454


Remote assistance is available once you are on the phone with one of our U.S. based Services Departments. You may join remote assistance after being prompted by your specialist.

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