Scorpion and DentalXChange Join Forces
November 7, 2023

Helping Dentists Find More Patients, Fill Their Schedules, and Grow Their Practice– Faster

Bringing Marketing Solutions to Dental Practices

Scorpion is excited to announce its partnership with DentalXChange, a leading dental payments platform, that simplifies and speeds up the payments and claims process for dental providers, payers, and partners through their innovative tech-enabled solutions. Scorpion has been dedicated to helping dentists grow their online presence and drive revenue to their practices. Together Scorpion and DentalXChange offer dental clients the power of Scorpion’s marketing solutions to help dentists find more patients, fill their schedules, process claims more efficiently, and get paid faster.

Growing Dental Practices

Scorpion’s marketing platform delivers everything dental practices need to acquire more patients through digital channels, including industry-leading websites, digital advertising, and Scorpion’s Ranking.AI technology. Ranking.AI brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to dentists by improving their website’s search engine ranking, generating patient leads, and ultimately driving more practice revenue. Ranking.AI analyzes more than 40K data points for every keyword, providing key intel on what client websites are doing well and where we can improve to rank even higher.

Scorpion’s Chief Data Scientist, Matt Bently, has reported that 91% of SMBs currently using AI have made their business more successful. Furthermore, Scorpion clients are reporting a 2X increase in productivity due to AI-enabled processes, which allows dental practitioners to spend more time focusing on their patients.

Scorpion employs customized marketing strategies and advanced technologies to help a dental office grow. Proprietary solutions, like Ranking.AI, have proven to be a groundbreaking platform for clients. Already, Scorpion clients utilizing Scorpion’s tools, like Ranking.AI, are reporting success, with 80% of our clients outranking competitors on Google. Furthermore, Azim Nagree, Scorpion’s Chief Strategy Officer, shares that, “by partnering with DentalXChange, we aim to bring this success to even more dental practices.”

Similarly, Paul Kaiser, DentalXChange’s CEO, has seen what the power of Scorpion can do for DentalXChange clients. “Our data shows that DentalXChange customers who also use Scorpion have increased their claim volume and associated revenue by 29% over the last two years.”

Keep an eye out as Scorpion continues to invest in helping local dental practices run their best business.

Reach out to Scorpion's team of dental marketing experts to learn more.

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