About Us

DentalXChange is a subsidiary of EDI Health Group, the leader in dental Electronic Data Interchange solutions for the past two decades. Committed to serving the needs of dentists, patients and insurance companies, DentalXChange was built upon a foundation of customer loyalty, technological innovation and award winning customer service. Our goal is to help you simplify business processes, increase productivity and enhance the management side of your dental practice by providing streamlined connectivity that bridges the gaps between payers, patients and providers. Simply put, we help you run the business side of your dental practice better allowing you to focus on quality customer service and patient care.

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, EDI Health Group has grown to support over 12,000 dental offices nationwide and accounts for more than $4 billion in dental claims annually. Through DentalXChange's secure portals, we process nearly 20 million EDI transactions, consisting of more than 15 million dental claims annually.

Career Opportunities

To inquire about career opportunities email hr@dentalxchange.com.