Growing Dental DSOs: How to Attract New Practices for Expansion
November 16, 2023

Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) are rapidly expanding in the dental industry, providing valuable support and resources to dental practices. As DSOs aim to grow their networks, attracting new practices becomes a crucial component of their expansion strategy. To successfully attract new practices, DSOs must demonstrate the benefits of partnership, highlight the value they bring to dental practices, and establish themselves as trusted partners. Below we will explore effective strategies for growing dental DSOs to attract new practices and foster successful partnerships:

  • Showcase the Benefits of Partnership: It is essential for DSOs when approaching potential dental practices to clearly articulate the benefits of partnering with them. Advantages of joining the DSO can be access to the latest modern technology and equipment, streamlined administrative support, increased marketing resources, and enhanced purchasing power. Providing practices the tools for their office and staff to thrive, allow the practice to focus more on patient care while alleviating the burden of non-clinical tasks.
  • Demonstrate a Track Record of Success: Establishing credibility and trust is crucial when attracting new practices. Showcase your DSO’s track record of success by sharing testimonials, case studies, and success stories from existing partner practices. Highlight how the DSO has helped practices improve their operations, increase revenue, and achieve growth. Demonstrating a proven track record will instill confidence in potential partner practices and illustrate the value of aligning with your DSO.
  • Customize Partnership Solutions: Tailor your partnership solutions to meet the specific requirements of each practice, every dental practice has unique needs and goals. Offer flexible options that allow practices to maintain their autonomy while benefiting from the support and resources of the DSO. This customization can include various levels of operational support, marketing assistance, professional development opportunities, and access to a network of peers. By providing customized solutions, DSOs can demonstrate their commitment to supporting the individual growth and success of each partner practice.
  • Foster a Collaborative Culture: Creating a collaborative culture is key to attracting new practices. Highlight the collaborative environment within the DSO, where ideas and best practices are shared among partner practices. Emphasize the support network and opportunities for continuing education, training, and mentorship that exist within the DSO. Demonstrating a culture of collaboration and professional growth will appeal to dental practices seeking to enhance their own capabilities and be part of a community of like- minded professionals.
  • Provide Transparent Communication and Support: Clear and transparent communication is essential when attracting new practices. Clearly outline the expectations, benefits, and support provided by the DSO. Be open and honest about the partnership process, including financial arrangements, contractual obligations, and decision-making structures. Establish a dedicated support team that will be readily available to address any questions or concerns from potential practices. Reliable and transparent communication builds trust and sets the foundation for a successful partnership.

Attracting new practices is a critical step in the growth of dental DSOs. DSOs can position themselves as attractive partners for dental practices by showcasing the benefits of partnership, demonstrating a track record of success, customizing solutions, fostering a collaborative culture, and providing transparent communication and support. By highlighting the value they bring to practices, DSOs can forge strong partnerships that benefit both parties and contribute to the success and expansion of the dental organization.

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