Dental Merchant Services: Collect More Doing Less
February 28, 2023

Does your practice provide flexibility in patient payment options? Working with a dental merchant service partner enables collecting payments with ease while improving office efficiency. When you offer more ways to pay, patient and staff satisfaction increases, boosting your bottom line.  

Go Paperless Automating Payments

Collecting payments needs to be quick and seamless with flexibility in patient payment options. This may include offering the ability to pay with a credit or debit card, FSA or HSA and Apple Pay with either a tap, insert chip or swipe. These options allow patients to easily pay their bill securely and quickly.

A dental merchant service can also help manage recurring payments by securely storing the patients’ card in your practice management software. For example, an orthodontist may see a patient once a month, for a specific period of time knowing that revenue can easily be collected. Online payment processing can be set up for monthly billing, resulting in fewer missed payments.

Improve Office Efficiency

Partnering with a dental merchant service partner can:

·      Automate recurring payments

·      Process batch payments within 24 hours of the previous business day*

·      Provide enhanced reporting of payment details

·      Reduce the cost of printing and mailing statements by collecting at the time of service

Working with a dental merchant service creates greater efficiencies freeing up time staff time to focus on patient care.

Increase Staff and Patient Satisfaction

Flexibility in patient payment options is key to a successful practice. Partnering with a dental merchant service provider saves staff time by collecting at the time of service. If a credit is due to the patient after reconciliation, the ability to provide a refund through card information stored or in your practice management software creates efficiencies for staff and patients.

Offering quick and convenient payment options can reduce call volume regarding patient payments. This can create higher staff and patient satisfaction and enables you to focus on patient care.

*When submitted by a set time of day

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