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ClaimConnect - HIPAA Services

ClaimConnect™ - HIPAA Services is the most complete suite of HIPAA related services available, connecting dental offices directly to payers.

Transaction Processing has never been easier.

  • Claim Processing in Batch or Real-Time Options
  • Claim Status Display Tied Directly to the Claim for Ease of Use
  • Real-Time Eligibility, Benefits and Claim Status Searches
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Display and Distribution


ClaimConnect™ - DHMO Services has a complete suite of DHMO related services enabling payers to send capitation related data directly to the dental office.

Stop Sending the Paper.

  • Eligibility Roster Hosting
  • Benefit Plan Hosting
  • Capitation Payment and Reporting Distribution
  • Encounter Processing

Web Portal

ClaimConnect™ - Web Portal Services is available for private label, providing you with a turn key solution to online transaction processing.

Give your providers a place to go to for your answers without the phone call.

  • Industry Standard Look and Feel for Ease of Provider Use.
  • Seemless Integration to Existing Web Site Security.
  • Free to the Provider Direct Data Entry Claims.
  • All Payer Solution on Your Single Payer Site to Drive Traffic.