Our suite of online services has been specifically designed to connect Patients, Insurance Companies and Dentists. These state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant E-Services are supported by a team of sales, engineering and customer service professionals, ready to develop and implement the right plan for you.

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The most complete suite of HIPAA related E-Services available, designed to connect dental practices to payers.

  • All Payer Portals — Co-Branded ClaimConnect Portal
  • Direct Delivery of Revenue Management Transactions
  • Attachment Services

DDS Enroll E-Credentialng Services

DDS Enroll E-Credentialing Services

An innovative, credentialing solution that streamlines the delivery and management of provider applications and documents.

  • Credentialing/Re-Credentialing
  • Network Maintenance
  • Electronic Reminder Notification Service

Mailroom Services

Mailroom Services

The perfect way for Payers to seamlessly convert paper claims, attachments and other documentation into their existing EDI workflow.

  • Claim Conversions
  • Attachment Scanning