Enhance your EDI offerings with ClaimConnect™

EDI Health Group, Inc. ("EHG") offers a proven, state-of-the-art Internet service, backed by an experienced staff of sales, marketing, and customer service professionals ready to develop and implement the right plan to help you achieve your goals.

Partners in your Success

EHG is committed to offering solutions to payers ranging from batch claims connectivity to establishing support for new HIPAA compliant transactions. By working closely with our Payer Partners, we are able to increase their existing EDI volumes through innovative technology and joint-marketing programs, including telemarketing and direct mail campaigns as well as EDI educational seminars.

Experience that Counts

With more than a decade of experience in the dental claim processing industry, we have developed a comprehensive set of payer-specific edits that allow EHG to provide our payers with clean claims that can be adjudicated much more efficiently. This helps payers to increase the quality of their relationships with member providers and groups while dramatically decreasing their administrative costs.

Payer Portal

The EHG Portal concept was designed in 1999 to enable Payers to have a customized "private labeled" ClaimConnect™ transaction intake system that bridges the gap between Providers and Payers. Payers can include their organizations logos, and colors, up to and including an exclusive private brand.

The system is compatible with most major dental software programs and also provides the ability for offices without dental software to enter claims online. In addition, they can check eligibility and benefit data, review claim status, and receive electronic EOB data through one simplified and secure interface.

Payer Benefits

  • Receive cleaner claims, reducing claim handling costs.
  • Drastically reduce call center volume and costs by rapidly deploying claim status and eligibility capability to your provider network (HIPAA 276/277 & 270/271).
  • Further reduce administrative costs by delivering electronic EOB information to providers.
    (HIPAA 835).
  • Opt for our enhanced claim validation that will verify eligibility prior to releasing the claim to your system. Never receive a claim that belongs to another payer again.

Provider Benefits

  • Fewer rejected claims mean faster payments and improved cash flow.
  • Simple interface that works with their software.
  • Reduced administrative costs.
  • Improved case acceptance.
  • Improved Payer and Patient relationships.

The Bottom Line

While many companies are just now jumping on the electronic transaction bandwagon, EDI-Health Group and its partners have been pioneering and shaping the industry since 1989. When selecting an electronic transaction partner, choose a company whose focus is providing a smooth transition plan from batch connectivity to the benefits of real-time services, at your pace, working within the capabilities of your infrastructure.

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