Welcome to DentalXChange

As a valued DDS provider, you have access to ClaimConnect. This convenient system helps you process claims quickly and easily.

DDS Inc. & DentalXChange | Better Tools for Your Practice

Here's what you have access to via ClaimConnect's All Payer Portal:

  • Quick Claims Processing! Submit claims faster and get paid faster!
  • Compatible with nearly every Practice Management System (PMS) solution for batch submission; no double entry
  • No PMS needed. Direct Data Entry solution available at no cost for DDS, Inc. providers
  • No implementation or software fees
  • No maintenance or support costs
  • Unlimited training and customer support
  • An attachment solution including customizable validation rules is fully integrated with the claims process

For details, contact the DentalXChange Support team at 800.576.6412 ext. 452 or complete our support contact form.