EHNAC Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), an independent, not-for-profit accrediting agency, provides independent peer evaluation of an organization's ability to perform at industry-established levels within the healthcare EDI industry. EHNAC promotes administrative simplification and cost savings in the healthcare industry and provides the healthcare transaction industry with an independent capability to develop industry standards.

The EHNAC Commission seeks to accredit entities that send or receive HIPAA regulated transactions, or that transport or process EDI transactions between two or more trading partners in the healthcare community. These entities include, but are not limited to, clearinghouses, transactions processors, value-added networks (VANs), payers, providers and provider management organizations. For more information about EHG's EHNAC accreditation, please visit

The National Dental EDI Council (NDEDIC)
The National Dental EDI Council (NDEDIC) is the only organization to unite all stakeholders in promoting the value and increasing the utilization of electronic commerce within the dental industry.

NDEDIC provides a community portal created to facilitate the exchange of information and unite stakeholders, advancing the value and utilization of electronic connectivity in the dental community. For more information about NDEDIC, please visit

Service Finance Company, LLC
Service Finance Company, LLC (SFC) is a nationally licensed sales finance company strategically aligned with the most recognized primary lenders to provide seamless lending solutions to their customers.

CrossCheck, Inc.
CrossCheck, Inc. is the third largest check approval and guarantee company in the nation. CrossCheck provides payment solutions to thousands of merchant outlets and auto dealerships across the country.

First Data
First Data simplifies the connections that make commerce possible. Every day, merchants, financial institutions and governments around the world rely on First Data to deliver the simple yet sophisticated solutions that help our customers thrive in the changing world of commerce and make the most of every transaction.

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TransUnion is committed to providing the most complete and multidimensional information available to help our customers make the best possible choices. To achieve this, we partner with banks, healthcare providers, property managers and other appropriate companies. By painting a broader picture for our customers, they can develop and apply extremely sound and effective business strategies. We think it only stands to reason, when you continually build upon good choices, you create solid opportunities time and again.

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