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May. 12, 2020

DentalXChange Featured in Dentistry IQ

Our VP of Business Development, LeAnn Morris, talked to Zachary Kulsrud of Dentistry IQ about credentialing and claims services in the new normal. Check it out below:

Credentialing Trends Dentists Should Watch in Light of COVID-19

LeAnn Morris, Vice President of Business Development for DentalXChange, answers our questions about credentialing and claims services in the new normal.

As many dental practices are forced to curtail patient visits to slow the spread of COVID-19, providers are more reliant than ever on their payer networks to maintain positive and timely cash flow. The situation highlights the need for web-based credentialing services that are accurate and efficient. We interviewed LeAnn Morris, Vice President of Business Development for DentalXChange to learn more. Her company is a creator of electronic solutions for the dental industry, including the DDS Enroll web-based credentialing software platform. We discuss current credenialing trends, the pandemic's impact on dentistry, and credentialing innovations dentists should watch out for in the near future.


Dentistry IQ: During this period of disruption, many dentists and dental practices are reevaluating their vendors, systems, and value propositions. From a high-level view, what industry-wide credentialing trends are underway in dentistry? What is driving these trends, and why should dentists be paying attention?

LeAnn Morris: The main trend in credentialing is toward technology for providers and payers that is easy to use...

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Mar. 19, 2020

DentalXChange Secures Two New Delta Dental Contracts; Expands Credentialing Program to Six States

DentalXChange is proud to announce the completion of two new contracts with Delta Dental payer networks, expanding its DDS Enroll credentialing software platform to a total of six states nationwide.

The company recently completed contracts with Delta Dental of Arizona and Delta Dental of New Jersey and Connecticut, who join existing DDS Enroll users Delta Dental of Colorado, Delta Dental of Missouri, and Delta Dental of South Carolina.

"DDS Enroll was launched only 18 months ago, and in that short span of time we've garnered interest from a wide variety of payer networks, demonstrating our success in developing a service and product that exceeds payers' expectations and delivers efficiency and solutions to their challenges," says LeAnn Morris, Vice President of Business Development for DentalXChange. "By listening to our group dental practices and payers throughout the U.S. over many years, we were able to build a product from scratch that solves one of payers' and providers' greatest pain points: the credentialing process. With these new partnerships, DDS Enroll will now be utilized on the desktop of nearly every dental provider in Arizona, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, Missouri, and South Carolina." Applications for these state Delta plans are submitted free of charge. All other Payer applications can be submitted for a nominal cost, taking advantage of one unified process for completing and tracking all credentialing needs. DDS Enroll supports the provider needs from a single location to a large group practice with national presence.

DDS Enroll is a web-based credentialing service that can be co-branded for any payer network, and is customizable to payer specifications and workflows.

Some of the features of DentalXChange's DDS Enroll include:

  • a provider profile with electronic signatures
  • notifications and reminders when credentialing action is required
  • custom application packets
  • new hire and delegated options
  • real time e-credentialing payer portal
  • custom e-credentialing dashboard and workflow
  • customizable dashboard
  • automated primary source verification
  • application history
  • custom checklists

In addition to credentialing, the DDS Enroll platform supports all needed network forms and documentation.

"We are the only clearinghouse that offers a provider-driven credentialing service within their claims or revenue-cycle management tool," notes Morris. "One of the most difficult aspects of credentialing is that it has traditionally been outsourced to agencies that are not necessarily recognized or respected in the industry, and providers are challenged to trust these agencies with all of their private information. DentalXChange is known and respected in the industry and throughout the nation for our many products and services, including portals for partners such as Aetna, Humana, Delta Dental Plans Association, MetLife, and Liberty Dental. Through this new expansion of our credentialing platform, we are able to deliver a higher level of trust, comfort, and convenience to providers and payers throughout the U.S."

Payer networks that have co-branded with DentalXChange on DDS Enroll have seen results that improve their efficiency and ability to serve providers.

"DentalXChange accepted our credentialing documents for both Missouri and South Carolina and was able to create functionality and workflow that aligned with our business rules," says Cathie Beatrici, manager of professional relations and utlilization management for Delta Dental of Missouri and South Carolina. "After utilizing other ClaimConnect products, we co-branded with DDS Enroll and were live within 90 days, and we are supported with a dedicated account manager, weekly calls, and an in-house, all USA-based credentialing specific support center."

Through its co-branded integration with Delta Dental of Colorado, DDS Enroll software has reduced credentialing processing times by 89%, dropping from 90 days to 10 days according to Cheryl A. Lerner, DMD, Chief Clinical Officer of Delta Dental of Colorado.

"These results create a new benchmark for the industry," says Dr. Lerner. "In just three months, the DentalXChange team implemented a product that exceeds our expectations in every way. The concerns we had early on that providers would be hesitant to adopt the paperless process were quickly dispelled. Since our launch, 99.8% of all credentialing and recredentialing application packets have been submitted electronically."

Lerner adds, "The tremendous expertise, quality of software design and professionalism of the DentalXChange team has allowed us to process 97% of the applications submitted to date with no hands-on assistance or provider follow-up from Delta Dental of Colorado staff. The level of service DentalXChagne has provided has been exceptional - certainly the best from a vendor in my career so far."

Jan. 24, 2020

Three Tech Trends Shaking Up the Dental Landscape in 2020 - Dentistry Today

Our fearless leader, Scott Wellwood (President of DentalXChange) was featured in Dentistry Today! Check out the article below:

Today's dental providers are increasingly discovering the benefits of integrating the latest technologies into their practice.

While the dental inustry has traditionally been somewhat slow to adopt digital tools, the tides are shifting as providers begin to embrace software and systems designed to help their practices run more efficiently.

There is good reason for shifts. Research shows that the utilization of technologies, electronic services, and other tools can increase dental practices' production and streamline workflow by between 10% and 30%. Simply put, the right technology can improve dental practices' overall performance.

As we move into 2020, dentistry will continue to be disrupted by technology in a variety of areas. Three tech trends in particular are likely to shake up the dental landscape in the next year:

Sophisticated Insurance Claims Tools

Visit Dentistry Today to read the rest of the article and check out the three tech trends.