EHG Fund Projects in the Americas

United States

The employees of DentalXChange, in conjunction with the EHG Fund have formed DXCares to help charities closer to home. DXCares' mission is to imbue and instill within the employees of the company, the aspiration and the desire to volunteer, organize and lead philanthropic endeavors for the betterment of the society and for their own personal growth. DXCares has worked with some fantastic organizations such as the OC Second Harvest, Hoag Hospital and Working Wardrobes, just to name a few.

The EHG Fund in the United States


The EHG Fund proudly supports Dental Care for Children, a non-profit organization that has provided free dentistry for more than 10,000 underprivileged children in Mexico since 1991. Representatives from DentalXChange and the Rotary Club of Irvine Spectrum, traveled to Ensenada, Mexico, along with Dr. Charles Tozzer, the founder of Dental Care for Children, to provide dental treatments to more than fifty needy children. Along with supporting the dental procedures, the EHG Fund also contributed numerous boxes of school supplies for the local schoolhouse.

The EHG Fund in Mexico


As part of the EHG Fund's mission to assist the disadvantaged through education and healthcare, the fund helped sponsor and support a 3-day health clinic to the city of El Progresso, Guatemala. Organized by the Central America Lutheran Mission Society (CALMS) along with Concordia University, the health clinic provided 2 doctors, 1 dentist and 23 nursing students who over saw over 650 patients during a 3-day span. The EHG Fund and the employees of DentalXChange provided over 700 oral health kits that included a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hand sanitizer and other health essentials.

The EHG Fund in Guatemala