EHG Fund Africa Projects


The EHG Fund is a proud supporter Full Circle Learning. We collaborate together to help further the centers curriculum to schools through out Zambia by offering free teacher trainings, purchasing school supplies, and providing financial support for student scholarships.

The EHG Fund in Zambia


The EHG Fund's support of Full Circle Learning has helped the program grow to over 80 schools with many more on the horizon. Free training seminars for 3000 teachers and school administrators will bring the school count to over 100 in Liberia. To further help the EHG Fund has formed the EHG Madame Dorbor Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund will be awarded to 5 enrolling, 9th grade students to complete their high school education at an African school participating in the Full Circle Learning curriculum.

The EHG Fund in Liberia


Sponsored by the EHG Fund and supported by Full Circle Learning Center, the Lewis Gregory Center in Mokhotlong, Lesotho is helping the next generation realize a life of hope and promise in a country ravaged by the spread of HIV/AIDS. This school is creating community leaders through the integration of education, the promotion of values and instilment of hope for a brighter future.

The EHG Fund in the Lesotho