The EHG Fund

For the EHG Fund, changing the world begins with helping underprivileged individuals in underserved communities across all corners of the globe.

Established by DentalXChange in 2007, the EHG Fund focuses its attention on helping raise a new generation of peacemakers, humanitarians, ambassadors, altruists and vision seekers, qualified to inherit the world. A world where those who once lived in disadvantaged neighborhoods will become co-collaborators for change and will lead our world to a brighter future.

Our philanthropy is funded through private contributions from our clientele, staff and others who feel our causes are worthy. The EHG Fund is a 501 C 3 charity in the State of California and contributions are tax deductible. All donations and resources go towards assisting institutions and programs focused on aiding individuals in the areas of education, healthcare and human services.

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The EHG Fund

EHG Fund Partners

We partner with organizations that share our vision for a better world. Helping bring change would not be possible without the help of our partners:

EHG Fund Project Spotlight

A compelling video of a project in the making. Sponsored by the EHG Fund, this project rests in the mountainous African kingdom of Lesotho, in the rural community of Mokhotlong. The school will prepare children to become community leaders through the integration of education, the promotion of values and instilling hope for a brighter future.

In a country where the average age is 20 and where many children are orphaned early in life by the spread of HIV/AIDS, it is crucial to help their families and communities to prepare the next generation for a better life. This is but one example of how your generous support of the EHG Fund can help not only those in need in this country, but all over the world.