About The Fund



Established by EDI Health Group, Inc. (EHG) in 2007, the EHG Fund focuses its attention on helping raise a new generation of peacemakers, humanitarians, ambassadors, altruists and vision seekers qualified to inherit the world. A world where those who once lived in disadvantaged neighborhoods will become co-collaborators for change and where all will honor each other's strengths to lead.



Our mission is to provide high-quality assistance to disadvantaged individuals worldwide in the areas of education, healthcare and human services in order to improve their standards of living, increase their quality of life and provide opportunity for a better future. The EHG Fund is committed to using its resources to aid people around the world in achieving their maximum potential through the delivery of education, healthcare and human services.


For the EHG Fund, changing the world begins with helping underprivileged individuals in underserved communities across all corners of the globe.  Click on each of the countries listed below to see some examples of where and how we're making a difference!



The Nishanth Full-Circle Learning Academy in Chennai, India was founded after EHG experienced the tragic loss of a beloved colleague in 2004, as tribute to his memory the Academy was built in his hometown of Chennai, India and served as the inception of the EHG Fund. Today, the Nishanth Full-Circle Learning Academy sponsors many community-building activities, including global projects on poverty, peace, religious tolerance and clean water. Further, the Academy offers primary education to young children who cannot afford expensive private schools and focuses on enhancing basic skills training with activities that imbue a sense of purpose and reinforce universal values.



In the mountainous African Kingdom of Lesotho, in the rural community of Mokhotlong, many children are orphaned early in life by the spread of HIV/AIDS, bringing the average age of the country's population down to only 20 years of age. It will take will take an extraordinary effort from a caring world to help the next generation dream for and realize a life of hope and promise. Serving as the catalyst for change the EHG Fund sponsors a school which helps to prepare the children of Mokhotlong to become the next generation of community leaders through the integration of education, the promotion of values, and instilment of hope for a brighter future.

In the coming months the EHG Fund in collaboration with Full Circle Learning will establish a brand new 6-classroom facility in the village of Lusaka, Zambia. Attached to the school will be a day orphanage where children will receive additional learning activities to supplement their day. Preliminary steps to re-educate teachers have taken place, and going forward, classroom instruction will reinforce the students' new identities as Givers, Helpers and Vision Seekers.



The EHG Fund proudly supports Dental Care for Children, a non-profit organization that has provided free dentistry for more than 10,000 underprivileged children in Mexico since 1991. Representatives from EDI Health Group and the Rotary Club of Irvine Spectrum, the foundation's sponsor, recently traveled to Ensenada, Mexico along with Dr. Charles Tozzer, the founder of Dental Care for Children, to provide dental treatments to more than fifty needy children. Along with supporting the dental procedures, the EHG Fund also contributed numerous boxes of school supplies for the local schoolhouse. Because the work that Dr. Tozzer and his volunteers do for underprivileged children is so valuable and always brings with it immense reward, the EHG Fund is honored to partner with such a worthy organization.



The EHG Fund partners with organizations that share our view that changing the world begins with helping underprivileged individuals in underserved communities across all corners of the globe. Bringing hope to the world would not be possible without the help of our partners: